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The REDx is stared by MR. Ramesh Raskar. His moto is "Think Local Do Global". REDX’s goal is to promote peer to peer learning.  

In collaboration with experts from several research centers, bright young innovators from all regions around the world have the opportunity to work closely with corporate executives, academics from institutions of higher learning, government officials and experienced mentors.

There is a branch of REDx in BKBIET, Pilani as BKBIET Pilani REDx Club. Our aim to develop IoT based solution for handicapped people.


Mobility Assistant for Blind (MAB)

                                                 PROBLEM STATEMENT

                               How can we assist mobility of a blind person


" With the help of IOT & Embedded modules, We can attach a sensor to the stick that will sense the pitch of the obstacles and send a signal to the stick handle then, the handle of the stick vibrates itself so the person knows that any object strikes has been to his way. This process should be fast so that it does not compromise with the speed of the blind pedestrian, no interruption should be faced by him/her. "

                 Heart Attack Prevention System (HAPS)

                                                    PROBLEM STATEMENT

                        How can we avoid the risk of heart attack in elderly people

" This project can be helpful for elderly age people suffering from heart diseases or do not know that they are suffering. In India only, many people suffer from heart disease but unknowingly ignore it and due to this 47% of deaths occur due to heart attack or cardiac arrest away from the hospital. Also, the cost of heart diseases checkup is very costly but this device can cut that cost and give the person live update of his/her health especially the heart.


This could be avoided by the help of this project as a person having heart disease is aware as well as in any miss happening his/her close ones are informed automatically and actions can be taken without any delay. When a person is having a heart attack, every second between symptom onset and treatment counts. Certain facts can be kept in mind like heart muscle can live without blood for 4-6 hours. This time is very crucial and it decides whether the person will live or not. "

                                          REDX BKBIET Club Pilani

                                     Launch Event   27th January 2018

REDX BKBIET Club Pilani launch ceremony held at BK Birla Institute of Engineering & Technology on 27th Jan 2018. The event was started with digital lamp lighting with the presence of club advisors, senior board members, core team members & more than 190 college students.

                            Coordinator Sajal Gupta gave a presentation about innovation & how can we find problem statement. One of the videos of Dr. Ramesh Raskar also flashed. Next Dr. P S Bhatnagar, Director BKBIET addressed with his enthusiastic words & innovative approach. He focused on how to find a valid problem statement & shared few. Prof. S B Dandin, Principal Academics also share his ideas & wishes all the best to REDX BKBIET Club.


In succession, Dr. B A Botre, Senior Scientist, CSIR- CEERI, Pilani (Senior Board Member) gave the research perspective about innovation & research from bottom to top with a very nice presentation. Mr. Aditya Sinha, a Ph.D. scholar from Manipal University also present at this occasion. Lastly, Dr. H Rahman also gave their motivational words to students.

Even though we have following two actionable goals but we keep it open for all areas in the first phase.


  •  To provide an economical solution that can uplift the daily life of a person or whole social

  •  To provide Embedded/IOT solution to help handicap people.



Students are keen to do something in this field but don’t know how to proceed, So initially we are openly calling problem statements to form all area under the scheme SYP(Share Your Problem).

                       We shall have the deadline of submission by 15 February 2018.


Faculty Coordinators

  • Mr. Bhupendra Kumar Jangir

  • Mr. Vikas Kumawat

Student Coordinators


  • Mr. Sajal Gupta

  • Mr. Nilesh Sompura

  • Miss. Queency Mittal

  • Mr. Harish Kumar Jangir

  • Mr. Anil Kumar Prajapat


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